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Sintra Artisan Market

Delicious Flavors of Collaboration and Creativity 

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Get to Know Us

At Sintra Artisan Market, our mission is to provide premium gourmet products that are accessible to everyone, while supporting small businesses and promoting collaboration among artisans. With a variety of choices for every palate, Sintra Artisan Market offers something for everyone on your next special occasion. From sangrias and salsa to cured meats and cheeses, you’ll find the perfect addition to your next event.


If you would like to learn more about our current offerings including our charcuterie boards and grazing tables, please fill out the form below.

We want to partner with other local small businesses to create unique experiences that showcase Houston's best. Whether you're a fellow foodie or just someone who appreciates the good company, let's work together to share our love of charcuterie, wine, and coffee in new and exciting ways. Cheers to making delicious memories that your taste buds won't soon forget! 

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